Dear City Church Friends,

I wanted to communicate a quick finance update for those of you who were unable to be with us on Sunday. 

First, I thank God for a church our size that gives as generously as you. Your financial contributions have enabled us to support our mission here in Boston as well as our teams in the Middle East and Turkey, who serve refugees and seek to see churches planted in areas where there is no indigenous church.

By the end of last year, our monthly giving had dropped from $13,000/mo. in 2017 to $11,000/mo. by the end of 2018.  We set a goal at the beginning of the year to see that increased to $14,000/mo. (which would cover all of our current expenses). Instead of an uptick though, we experienced a drop to $10,000/mo.

We are not worried or discouraged for two reasons. One, we have about 6 months of savings that will get us through the next months. Two, God has always provided for our every need over the last 10 years of our church! 

How can we reach our goal? One of the best ways is to simply practice the Biblical concept of tithing. A tithe literally means "a tenth" or 10% of your income. It is what people in the Bible contributed to the work of God as a sign that everything they made was from the Lord.  

If you've become a part of City Church in the last 6-9 months, would you consider becoming one of those new givers or tithers below?  If you are a current giver, would you consider increasing your giving to a full tithe or more?

You can give by check and cash in our Sunday Offering Box or give securely online where you can setup up one-time or recurring donations!

Thank you for your consideration, and let's keep living like Jesus!