On Sunday, we will have our first group biking trip! It will be a great opportunity for people to blow off steam from the September rush, get to know people from the church and enjoy a pleasant day biking in Boston. The trip will be Sunday, Sep 15th, 12:30-3:30PM which includes down time from docking/undocking blue bikes, and a 1 hour food break in the Boston Public Garden where we can fellowship even more. The pace will be leisurely, what some might call not too slow and not too fast. The details of the trip are as follows:

We will give people 1/2 hour after church service to change attire, pick up food and get ready. So, we will try to start at 12:30PM at the Union Square BLUEbike station. We will go by Everett street to get on the Dr. Paul Dudley White Bike Path near Soldiers Field Road and bike all the way to the BU LAW school (34 mins). After docking the blue bikes (BLUE bikes have 45 mins limit per trip) in the BU Central area and taking a breather. We will take back our bikes and then go on the Esplanade (PDW bike path) and go all the way to the Hatch Memorial Shell and dock the blue bikes. Then, we will walk to the Boston Public garden where people can buy food from the several options near there and/or take out the packed food to enjoy it in the park together. We estimate we will be there around 2:00. For the way back, we will see how everybody is doing and decide to take a shorter or take the same route back.