We All Need Community

We were never meant to live our lives in isolation. We are meant to be part of a family, a community that cares and supports one another while engaging in God's redemptive purpose in our city and world.  This type of community is what the church is meant to be.

Community Groups (CGs) at City Church meet in mid-week gatherings at homes in neighborhoods across Boston where we  develop rhythms of life that lead us to care for one another, follow Jesus wholeheartedly and seek to serve our neighborhoods together.

To accomplish that, our groups focus on learning, living, and sharing Jesus’ story.  Each fall and spring semester we journey through a series of stories from the Bible that are about or point us to Jesus.  As we hear and discuss these stories, we ask questions like - what does this story tell me about God? Myself? And, what am I going to do about it?  We seek to live out these stories together by looking for tangible ways to act on what we’ve learned in the neighborhoods we live in.

Our community groups create an opportunity for each of us to experience what being part of a redemptive community can be like as we help each other learn to live like Jesus. We currently have CGs in Allston, Brighton, and North Suburbs; and, we plan to add more this Fall.


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