Following God in Boston and Beyond

City Church was birthed out of a desire to see students and young professionals, who come from all over the world to study and work in Boston, meet Jesus.  We started out as a community group of three people in a living room in 2005.  In October of 2008, a core team of 20 people (many of whom were college students) launched “Fenway Church” with Sunday meetings at Church Restaurant and Club.  We grew as people that had never experienced God in a real way encountered Jesus for the first time.

In August 2013, we started a Sunday location in Allston at the Brighton Music Hall as God began to speak to us about adopting a vision for neighborhoods across the city of Boston not just the Fenway.  In 2014, we changed our name to City Church Boston to reflect this vision.

Throughout this journey, we have been a community that is committed to helping each other live like Jesus AND are real about our lives and our journeys. We are far from perfect and are not afraid of hard questions.  In fact, we ask lots of them.  We don't just meet at a venue on Sundays but in community groups during the week where we learn to help each other to live like Jesus in our neighborhoods and world.

In attempt to live like Jesus, we’ve followed his promptings to volunteer at various neighborhood non-profits across our city, serve in some of the most poverty stricken and dangerous countries in the world, and minister on college campuses.  We now have members living and ministering in several major Middle Eastern cities.

We've found that as we follow Jesus on his mission, we are empowered by His Spirit and joined with others on an incredible journey of redemption.  You are welcome to join City Church as its story continues to unfold.

David W.,  Team Leader