Leaders As Servants

City Church values team-based ministry and servant leadership.   Meet some of our leaders below!

Our Community Groups are led by men and women committed to apprenticing leaders and helping people engage their communities like Jesus would.

Our Sunday Serve Teams are led by men and women who facilitate worship, ministry, welcoming, and setup at City Church.

David W. Hill leads a team of elders that pastor and oversee City Church.


Ursula Vesty

Women's Ministry Leader - Follower of Jesus, mother, wife, educator and servant. Happy to serve in the Women's Ministry team and CG North team. Passionate about seeing the kingdom of God come to the City of Boston and suburbs.


David W Hill

Lead Pastor - Jesus changes everything and encountering his love and grace has changed me.  My passion is to introduce people to Jesus and help them live like Him in our city and across the world. 



CG Leader - I believe that Jesus is the way the truth and the life! I strive to live like Jesus because He has taught me to not find my identity in earthly labels and possessions but to find my identity in Him. I love helping others to discover this truth.


Nisha Koshy

Women's Ministry Leader - I love Jesus because he first loved me.  I want to help women find their identity in Christ that they may live with exuberant devotion to Jesus and  contentment in every stage of life.


Elizabeth Hoffman

Worship Leader - I believe music is one of the most powerful ways to express adoration of something or someone, so I love to use music to give praise to Jesus -  the only one who truly deserves it!




Kids’ Team Leader - I am passionate about living like Jesus and sharing the love that He has given me with younger generations. I want our little ones to be able to know that God loves them and develop their own relationships with Him.



CG Leader - I am a Brighton resident and BU graduate, passionate about being the hands and feet of Jesus in the communities City Church calls home. I want to help encourage my brothers and sisters to live like Jesus in our city by brainstorming new ideas for our church engage in the public square.


Paul & Abigail

CG Coaches - As an Englishman and an American who met in South Africa, we love the adventure of being part of God's big family! We enjoy bringing that sense of family and to others, as together we learn to live like our big brother Jesus.

David W. Hill - Lead Pastor

David W. Hill serves as the pastor and primary preacher for City Church. Raised in Boston, he has a unique vision to help others live like Jesus. He and his wife, Betsy, formed the team that planted City Church. Betsy runs and owns a local cafe she started.  She, David, and their four children are active participants in the Fenway and Allston-Brighton communities.

Paul McFarthing - Elder

Paul coaches community group leaders, provides pastoral care for members and lives in Brighton with his wife, Abigail, and their three children.  Abigail is involved in serving in different ministries in the church and is gifted worship leader and song writer.

Jan Horjus - Elder

Jan Horjus is an Allston resident and Boston University graduate.  His wife, Emily, also BU alumni, and three children enjoy having many people in their home and being involved in various activities involving justice issues.  Jan enjoys preaching and teaching the gospel.