A Place To Grow

City Church is a community in Boston where college students can discover how to live like Jesus in their campus, city, and world.

We know firsthand the potential that lies in each college student to follow God's call with abandon.  The vision for City Church was born out of a move of God among local college students in 2005, and our original church planting team of 20 people was made up primarily of students.   We believe college students are called to be a part of God’s redemptive mission on earth, and we want to equip them and also give them a place where they can experience a sense of family while they are in Boston.

If you are looking to be a part of God's mission and to grow in learning how to live like Jesus, City Church will be a great spot for you.  On any Sunday you can meet students with a similar passion, as well as families and older mentors who would love to help you grow.   We are committed to being a multi-generational and multi-ethnic church.

Students join us for worship on Sundays and participate in our community groups.  We also seek to support and partner with them as they reach out to their campus in their own campus ministries.